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help me with a vaginal infection with skin erosion and negative SWABS

By Anonymous May 17, 2011 - 10:31am
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I am 43 live in canada and have had yeast infections since childhood. Ihave been diagnosised with Fibromyalgia, and recently with adrenal gland fatigue causing a hormonal nightmare. 14 mnths ago I began feeling sicker, I got what felt like a yeast infection and burning that never left, during my cycle the rash swelling and skin peeling causes me to be bedridden! No gyn or derm knows what to do. On oral antifungals for months, worse symptoms, all medications and creams cause more skin issues. I am afraid to eat anything or do anything as I do not know what this is...if yeast...then is it resistant? If bacteria also??? What do I do for both!! I am not able to walk! I fear I may die soon! No one can find yeast??? Help me..I have been self navigating for too long...I need to get help, I am losing my life. I was a productive xray tech, now bedridden with a chemical burn on my labia!! Help me, I lice in Ontario canada!

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Hi, I'm a man 28 years old from Europe. Last year one morning I woke up with a bright red burning itching scrotum, and i googled it, thought it was fungal infection and got OTC anti fungal cream and applied it for a week or so and there was no relief, then i went to a derm who gave me stronger anti fungal creams mixed to be mixed with cortisone and the the itch stopped momentarily, but the whole area became red dry, was peeling and flaking. Then he asked me to stop everything and apply just moisturiser and continue with my life, it was really red and dry like a 90 year old man's scrotum, not that I've seen one. :p then suddenly the itch was once again in the equation and was just maddening, much worse than before. Then i went to another dermatologist who told me it was irritant dermatitis.. more steroids and the whole dance continued again for 5 months or so.. then the itch stopped but my scrotum would get really red once in a while but i was managing it by moisturising the area twice, short showers and so on.. then i went to the second derm who then told me it's the steroids doing, and he will give me something non steroid but imunosuppressor and told me to use it alternate days for a week then stop, and only use a day at a time when i had symptoms it was protopic 0.01 i think, it seemed to help but after the week, i woke up to small red spots appear on my thighs, which kept getting bigger and it rather burned and not itch, then i went to my GP who had me spend a shit load of time and money doing blood tests for virology and infections and everything was negative and everything was normal.. then he referred me to the "best" doc in the city and he patiently listened to everything i said, looked at all my previous prescriptions and finally said it was nothing more than intertrigo and that i would get better if i changed my underwear, i then spent a shit load of money changing all my boxers to briefs and then came the problem of itchy scrotum all over again.. been 2 years haven't gone out on a date, havent been able to focus on work and i spend most evenings wondering what this could be.. so no being a man, i sail in the Same boat as you. I hope things work out for ya....

March 18, 2017 - 12:15pm
EmpowHER Guest

I have the same issues with the skin erosion on the labia and clitorus however mine is due to yeast and I am working with an infectious disease dr however we are not able to clear it and it seems to just keep getting worse the more we try... Any help on Curing a long standing chronic yeast infection please share..

February 21, 2016 - 3:02pm

Hi again,
We heard back from a gynecologist associated with the website. Here is his response to your question:
"When a vaginal infection is as resistant as yours a visit to a
gynecologist who specializes in infectious diseases is most
First consideration will be given to diagnosing the specific organism causing your problem or if there is some other cause such as chemical contacts or medications. For example, soaps can be a factor in yeast recurrence, especially soaps that are anti-bacterial.
Yeast organisms have become more resistant to medication and a specialist will be aware of new drugs for overcoming resistance.
You are at an age when you may have a relative deficiency in estrogen especially since you see the problem aggravated by having your period.
Estrogen affects the pH of the vagina, vaginal blood flow, vaginal thickness and maintenance of normal bacteria. With estrogen deficiency, change in pH, blood flow, vaginal cells of bacteria can predispose to the growth of yeast. Estrogen deficiency is easy to overcome with vaginal estrogen tablets and that may make a difference in the effectiveness of the anti-fungal drugs.
By now diabetes has probably been ruled out. If not, then you should be checked to see if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic. When that is the situation, yeast are particularly difficult to treat but at least you'll know what you're dealing with and once that is corrected the yeast can be more readily treated.
Finally, it's common for yeast organisms to "hide" beneath tissues-behind the labia at the vaginal opening or under the skin covering your clitoris. It's important that medication applied to the tissue gets to all the little areas where yeast can reside.
Ask your gyn if he or she knows a specialist in infectious diseases who could see you."

We hope this information helps. Please let us know what you find out.
Take care,

May 18, 2011 - 7:25am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Christine Jeffries)

Thank you for that advice, no one has sent me to someone like that...I will search for someone willing to look for a "cause" ! I don't know why so many are confused about "what" this is or why is it so difficult to find the cause...so many think yeast is "a fad" ????? Thank you. I am afraid and have not used soaps or ANYTHING near or on anything that touches me. I don't know what is safe for helping with itch.as skin peels off again??? I am afraid to put any cream on the eroded skin??? Is there anything safe to put on my outter labia that is safe whether its bacterial or fungal...??? I don't need to grow more of whatever I have??? Coconut oil seems safe?? Anyone have any thoughts??? Scared in canada

May 18, 2011 - 8:53am
(reply to Anonymous)

Hi again,
I have been in to see a dermatologist in the past, who suggested I use non-irritating soaps and lotions. Some include Cera Ve, Cetaphil, and others. Ask your pharmacist for others that are in your local store. As Dr. Sarrel suggested, stay away from anti-baterial ones, and don't over-cleanse. As far as medicated creams, ask your doctor or the referral doctor (a pharmacist also may be able to suggest some to try). Before trying any natural remedies, talk with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure you are not complicating problems.
As Dr. Sarrel also suggested, you may want to ask your doctor for that referral to ensure proper treatment, and alleviate some concern. Stress can do a number on your health, and taking control of your health may help this. Hope this makes sense. From one woman to another.

May 18, 2011 - 9:27am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Christine Jeffries)

Thank you again!! Yes stress can kill...the stress of trying to find a proper doctor is enough to kill anyone here in ontario canada...we have a shortage of GP's and other specialists, so if u don't have a doctor that will SEND you to a specailist you are done in here, also my dr's do NOT know "who" to send me too??? Wait times are over a YEAR! I am a CT tech and thought we had a great healthcare system, my view as a patient is much different!! Thank u for your help. Good luck to all searching and being proactive in their health!!

May 18, 2011 - 10:48am

Hi Anonymous,
Thank you for your question and for finding EmpowHER. I am referring your question to a gynecologist for his comment. I am hoping that with his guidance, you can know where to start so you can advocate for your health, and get on the road to better health soon. What medications (if any) are you taking. This includes homeopathic or natural treatments. This information may be able to help the doctor point you in the right direction.
Please come back and update us.

May 17, 2011 - 10:52am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Christine Jeffries)

Thank you, what meds haven't I tried would be easier to list! Lol I have weaned off most fibro meds, I have been on flucanozole 200mgs a day for over a month (have liver tests all the time) been off and on this for a year, otc antifungals worked until last feb 2010! all topical cortosteriods burn, gentian voilet worse reaction, I am on .5mg clonazepam(weaning off) 3mg cesamet, 4mgs zanafex if needed(trying to stop) oxy ir for pain 10mgs 4xs day,and recently for acute vaginal skin burn pain, teva morphine 30mg 2xs day (want no more pain meds and NO antidepressants)the vaginal pain from skin condition causes spasms in my back so pain meds needed now but does not treat the CAUSE?? What is cause if no one can swab me and find anything!. I have very low adrenal function which was missed many times, in march I was losing words, focus, not able to eat drink, my indepth hormone testing I paid a MD to do here in canada showed very low adrenal, testost, dhea, estro lowering, and I am currently on 20mgs of cortef split dose thru day(saved my life) bio hrt testost, cream, progest(small amt) estro(very small) and oral dhea (transdermal dhea tried first but did not bring my levels up since sept 2010.)
I am taking melatonin at night as told by my MD and 5htp under her watch, and I find this is helping with sleep and emotional devastion.

My hormone symptoms are much improved, however ever since my whole body went down hill very fast in march this constant burning vaginal issue has worsened to the point the gyn does not know what to do? A dermatologist did not think it looked like yeast when she "saw" it...because during my cycle it can appear somewhat normal, however if seen before and during my cycle, the red rash has estended to outter labia and I have peeling eroded skin. I eat NO sugar, no wheat no dairy..I have tried coconut oil, apple cider, baking soda baths, read books on yeast and taken oral "antifungal" supplements with no luck!! what do I take if it is bacterial also??? I don't know what to do or what to believe anymore and the healthcare shortage of MD in ontario is not helping. I can not walk due to the skin erosion...waiting lists here are over yrs long....what or who do I see. I have contacted anyone that may be able to see me here, I can get referred,but have to wait! However none of my MD's know WHO to send me to next! I fear I will not walk for another year! I am confused and exhuasted fighting for my life. Pls someone help me. This is not a case of vulvodynia due to sex abuse or anything like I read...this is strictly a "skin issue" caused by something!!!! This chemical burn is very real and I have not walked in over a year without pain burning and worse swelling with movement. I can not walk without help...sleep is none existant due to pain if moving. Hope this long story will be heard and help someone else...pls tell me I am not the only one!!!

May 17, 2011 - 11:28am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

Did you ever find out what this was or been healed?..I have the same symptoms and I am going downhill fast. This is an old post but if you end up reading this let me know how you made out.

February 27, 2015 - 7:14pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

I have been sent to the Best of the best apparently. The best thing I ever did was to finally take pictures to show the gyn, derm, or what ever doctor they send me to, since many said "oh it doesn't look bad" because by the time I finally got an appointment sometimes it took 8 months to see a specialist....it might not be in a big flare, so I took pictures to prove what it looks like...... I am complex apparently........ It turns out I was and still am very sick. I have Addisons disease, which was not diagnosised and not medicated properly. The guess is that I was so sick with Addison's disease "something" happened down there and they can not explain it. I have been to vulvar clinics, only to be told...we don't know what it is. I have spent thousands of dollars on creams pills...u name it. I am better than I was..but I still can not do much nor wear pants...it is hell. That plus the hormonal issues that no one would test me for..."I was too young for hormone issues" I came close to death after these posts...had I not written a expert here in Canada regarding adrenal problems I would be dead. However 5 yrs of this and ice packs is too much.
I now just use Emu oil....it seems to help with the rubbing..just use water to cleanse....no chemicals.....and I am pissed about it.....If a man had his testicles turn bright red and the skin peel off..for years....he would damn well get better attention than I did. I basically have given up. My health is so poor...I don't know what to do....haven't seen friends in years...my friend has lichen sclerosus, I have been told I have this by one dermatologist...she has found some help with a compounded numbing cream....but can not sit at all like me....I wish I could have more answers for u...and it is NOT from the steroids I take now. I have to take them to stay alive....and to replace the amount my adrenal glands would make...and I had this before my addisons disease...so no doc can say it is yeast from steroids.....a biopsy would be nice, but no one did it. I basically figure if I eat right, try and heal what I can...and emu oil is the only thing that does not cause any more problems...good luck to you. please let me know if u have any help...I wish I could give you more advice...good luck :)

February 27, 2015 - 10:39pm
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