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Hi, I'm a man 28 years old from Europe. Last year one morning I woke up with a bright red burning itching scrotum, and i googled it, thought it was fungal infection and got OTC anti fungal cream and applied it for a week or so and there was no relief, then i went to a derm who gave me stronger anti fungal creams mixed to be mixed with cortisone and the the itch stopped momentarily, but the whole area became red dry, was peeling and flaking. Then he asked me to stop everything and apply just moisturiser and continue with my life, it was really red and dry like a 90 year old man's scrotum, not that I've seen one. :p then suddenly the itch was once again in the equation and was just maddening, much worse than before. Then i went to another dermatologist who told me it was irritant dermatitis.. more steroids and the whole dance continued again for 5 months or so.. then the itch stopped but my scrotum would get really red once in a while but i was managing it by moisturising the area twice, short showers and so on.. then i went to the second derm who then told me it's the steroids doing, and he will give me something non steroid but imunosuppressor and told me to use it alternate days for a week then stop, and only use a day at a time when i had symptoms it was protopic 0.01 i think, it seemed to help but after the week, i woke up to small red spots appear on my thighs, which kept getting bigger and it rather burned and not itch, then i went to my GP who had me spend a shit load of time and money doing blood tests for virology and infections and everything was negative and everything was normal.. then he referred me to the "best" doc in the city and he patiently listened to everything i said, looked at all my previous prescriptions and finally said it was nothing more than intertrigo and that i would get better if i changed my underwear, i then spent a shit load of money changing all my boxers to briefs and then came the problem of itchy scrotum all over again.. been 2 years haven't gone out on a date, havent been able to focus on work and i spend most evenings wondering what this could be.. so no being a man, i sail in the Same boat as you. I hope things work out for ya....

March 18, 2017 - 12:15pm


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