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That is great that you are eating whole, fresh foods and are active, and many women are frustrated by weight gain before and after menopause.

Unfortunately, there is no secret to weight loss...it is simply consuming less calories than you expend. If you are active...are you exercising intensely enough to burn calories substantial enough for weight loss? If you are eating healthy foods, and are not "over-eating", are you aware of how many calories you are consuming?

Simple changes, since you are already very health-conscious, could make the switch from "gaining-a-pound-a-month" during the last three years to "losing-a-pound-per-week". Sustained and maintainable weight loss is slow, and is a daily choice to exercise properly (with purposeful duration, intensity and frequency) while slightly lowering caloric intake.

Have you worked with a personal trainer to help "kick start" your exercise routine to maximize weight loss? A Registered Dietitian, or online weight loss program (such as Weight Watchers, there are many healthy programs), can help you keep track of your eating behaviors.

Does this information help?

February 20, 2011 - 1:56pm


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