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Can Estrogen Help Prevent Skin Aging?

Here’s a fact that may amaze you. Estrogen has thousands of cellular actions throughout your body, including important actions in your skin. We’ll quote from a 2016 article in Climacteric, the ...

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Our Menopause- Facing a Hysterectomy Together

In a series of new articles we want to share ideas to help a woman and her partner face a hysterectomy. We’ll talk about a fictional couple, Heather and Ken, who are in their early 40s with two ...

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vaginismus and relationships

How a Couple Can Deal With Painful Sex

This is the second of four articles that will be on EmpowHER dealing with the problem of vaginismus. The third will describe how you can treat vaginismus.

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Treating Your Vaginismus

When we (Phil and Lorna Sarrel) worked as a sex therapy team, we treated more than 500 cases of vaginismus and the success rate was close to 99 percent. We say this, not to toot our own horns, but ...

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Menopause and sleep problems

Disturbed Sleep and Menopause

Millions of women experience disturbed sleep at the time of menopause. For most, this is a change while for others, who have had one problem or another with sleep during their lives, sleep ...

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Ahah - Advancing Health After Hysterectomy