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I've had RA for about a year and just quit my job

By December 9, 2010 - 12:08pm

The fatigue of this disease is preventing me from doing a lot of things I used to enjoy. I quit my job yesterday because my boss can't (or won't) understand why I am unable to work more hours. He literally said I was a joke. He's one of those people who will always say "Oh, I have that too". When I was fist diagnosed with RA I asked him how his RA effects his life. His respone was "What's RA?" Needly to say, I haven't received much understanding from him. Has anyone else had this problem with their employer? Thanks in advance :-)

By December 9, 2010 - 12:33pm

Hi Susan_m,
Thanks for your post, and for finding EmpowHER. RA is a real condition, and your boss sounds like a human resources nightmare. If you worked in an office, you could speak with someone in the HR department, and if you were in retail, you could talk with a different manager, or regional or national human resources for your company. I have had nightmare bosses, and can agree it's no picnic dealing with one. Most companies want to hear about difficult management because that can be a detriment to the operation of their company.
For your own piece of mind, this group may be a good resource for you, and also the EmpowHER rheumatoid arthritis page. Do you feel like your RA is properly managed with your healthcare provider?
Here are some articles that may be of interest to you: Rheumatoid Arthritis Articles
Good luck and let us know how you're doing.

December 9, 2010 - 12:33pm

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