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I wish we would've had something like an online family therapist when I was younger especially at one particular point in my life. When I was in first grade, my mother suffered a miscarriage and had a very difficult time dealing with it. She is a devout Catholic -- and in her mind, felt like it was some sort of punishment so there was shame associated with her loss.

She wasn't the type of person to seek out a therapist because that was something she wasn't raised to do. And again, in her mind, that would've been piling shame on shame should someone see her walk into a counselor's office. She was someone who was taught to deal with hardship alone and bury her grief.

In retrospect, I think someone like an online therapist would've been great for her. She would've been able to better understand her emotions following the miscarriage and I think it maybe would've made our family a little stronger.

It's wonderful this type of service is available for women like my mother who may have a different view of how to manage emotions. And in keeping with her viewpoint, it would've been discreet. Women, especially from my mother's generation, need to realize they don't need to 'suffer' in silence or deal with those types of situations alone.

June 3, 2008 - 6:21pm


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