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Hi Tina

Thank you so much for following up. I have to tell you about my first appointment. It was with an interesting naturopath. He did not look at any blood work or my questionnaire which he had me fill out (didn't want to be prejudiced he said) but rather used his touch to determine the following (a friend gave me the term that refers to this method & several people have sworn by it's accuracy, I just can't recall):
My liver is functioning at 33% which is causing bloating, poor body function & insomnia.
My pituitary needs work
The nail & hair issue is fungal!
I have a hiatal hernia (which he manipulated back into place & I was truly able to breath deeply for the first time in years! I couldn't figure out why I was breathing so shallow)

He stated that some event (s) happened 22 years ago that set the liver issue in motion & later I realized what he was picking up: I came to the US 22 years ago. For the first time I started gaining some weight & discovered a popular liquid diet. I was drinking it regularly at first & then every time I wanted to shed some weight. I kept this up until 3 years ago when a friend found out & made me swear not to touch it again, as her friend's liver had been heavily damaged by the product (traced definitively to it). I quit using it & switched to protein bars. I can see that it very well may have been the root cause & beginning of several issues. He told me that the liver functions mainly during the early hours of 1-4 a.m. & that is exactly when I awake & cannot sleep without sleep aids!

He asked me several times to state the first thing that came to mind when asked what I put in my mouth & finally I replied STARCH & he said that's it. We need to cut that out completely for now until we fix the problem (a basic detox). The yeast that is at the root of the damage is fed by starch & sugar so I am off both for now (positive side: I'll lose some weight!). He prescribed several different supplements/probiotics/cleansers, etc. I have not started on them as I have 2 more appointments (one naturopath & the head of Dermatology at Univ. of WA). I'd like to see what they say.

I am confident he is on to something.

March 31, 2008 - 8:08am


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