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Hi Anonymous. You've asked a good question. Some forms of chemotherapy can cause kidney damage. If a patient with kidney disease is diagnosed with cancer or any other condition that is treated with chemotherapy the administration of the chemotherapy needs to be done carefully with consideration of which therapeutic agent to use, the dosage, the potential for interactions with the patient's treatments for the kidney disease, the patient's age, their overall health, and the potential risks of not treating the patient for the additional condition. It would be wise, and appropriate, to ask a lot of questions to learn more about what the medical team is thinking and what type of chemotherapy they are considering. At this point you may not have enough information and you have every right to know more before making a decision for yourself, or a loved one, on whether to have the chemotherapy regimen. Hope you get the answers you need and all goes well. Pat

June 11, 2018 - 4:36pm


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