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I had the mirena coil inserted in Aug 15 to combat heavy menstrual periods which when ovulating I suffered focal partial seizures due to epilepsy. The yearly frequency was about four episodes but the though of eliminating the seizures, migraines and perhaps to be period free was a dream. I bled for 60 days and had spotting almost every day, hair increase, spots, PMS, joint pain, no libido. In May I had my first UTI which then started a nightmare of reoccurring UTI's Kidney infections and an increase in my seizure levels. I was forced to cancel my holidays on medical advice. I had the coil removed in Oct 16 and no period. In February I started with two uti's and after this my bladder seemed irrated. I was waking to go to the bathroom in the early hours of the morning and it has a deterimental affect on my sleep patterns and epilepsy. I need to lose a lot of weight and when my bloods came back my hormone levels had changed my FSH level was 26 and my LH level was 47. The GP is reluctant to prescribe HRT at 47 years of age and because of my weight but the bladder frequency and discomfort are draining. I've zero sex life as if anything happens I immediately get an UTI. Even though I'm allergic to Macrodantin I took a prescription I had to see would it alleviate the discomfort which feels as if I have a permenent UTI. I would welcome any advice

May 6, 2017 - 8:00am


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