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Hi Ladybug1971,

Thanks for reaching out to EmpowHER with your question!

From what you have described, it sounds like you may be experiencing early perimenopause.

Some women can still get pregnant at 45 if they have not gone through menopause yet. Have you recently had unprotected sex?

You mentioned you've taken a few pregnancy tests which are all negative, so it sounds like you are not pregnant.

The average age of menopause for most women is 51, but that doesn't mean it can't begin earlier. Some women may start as soon as their early 50s and some may start in their later 50s. From the symptoms you described, it's very possible you are going through perimenopause - which occurs prior to menopause. Symptoms of perimenopause include:

- low sex drive
- breast tenderness
- hot flashes
- irregular periods
- fatigue
- trouble sleeping
- mood swings
- weight gain

We created this resource around menopause to help women educate themselves around the topic: https://www.empowher.com/your-guide-menopause-hot-flash-treatment-options

I also recommend setting up an appointment with your doctor to discuss your symptoms and to see if it most likely is perimenopause. This article is a checklist of important points to go over when you do set up an appointment: https://www.empowher.com/menopause/content/menopause-checklist-preparing...

Keep us updated! I hope this helps


October 30, 2016 - 11:17am


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