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My Mom, two brothers, son, niece and nephew have Asperger's. I suspect my maternal uncle and grandfather also had the condition. My Mom's world has always centered around her. She lacks empathy and quickly slips into a rage becoming verbally and physically abusive if she misinterprets other people's words. My Dad and I tried not to 'trigger' her by doing her bidding, but for me, it was like living in a prisoner of war camp where you never knew when the 20 ton weight would be dropped on you so my bedroom was my sanctuary. As a small child, I had a hairbrush broken over my head because I made a whimpering noise when she tried to get a tangle out of my hair. I had my shoulder dislocated when I was small too. As I grew older, I thrown across rooms by my hair so that my hair came out and furniture was toppled. I received 60 to 70 slash cuts across my back and legs from a flyswatter when I was sixteen. I did the laundry and most meals with my father and I cared for my younger brothers and cleaned the home. She told me as an adult she has no recollection of ever having beaten me and said that she has always felt in competition with me. Even now she has physically attacked me when I have tried to help her. I hated her throughout my time at home and the first decade after I escaped from my home. My father endured public humiliation, verbal abuse, and some physical too. My younger brothers, have been more fortunate than I as she can relate to them better. My grandfather used to beat my uncles and sometimes my grandmother. I don't hate my Mom now that I realize she has Asperger's, but I do recognize that I am permanently scarred by my experiences and have been on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications for some time. I don't believe that people should have children if they have Asperger's.

January 5, 2018 - 2:41am


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