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I don't really agree.
I had breast cancer.I wouldn't put lack of sleep down as part f the cause.Im thinking, with cancer in my system, my sleep patterns may have been disturbed.
Stress is a huge contributor to cancer.Everyone I have met, through treatment had an enormous amount of stress in their lives, including me.
So, dont go thinking, you will get cancer from less sleep,look at your stress levels tho.And by stress, I don't mean, running late for work a couple of times a week, I'm talking the sort of constant stress, like living with a narc, or stressing constantly about money,work, abuse, for years.Doesnt matter how much great food, or how fit you are, if you still have a constant high level of stress in your body,it's not a great environment for excellent health.

July 23, 2015 - 2:03pm


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