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Bad breath- I have used BLIS K12 probiotic that has been of great benefit. Here is an extract from http:blis.co.nz or the majority of people (85-90% of those who have bad breath halitosis), the single most frequent cause of bad breath problems are the bacteria that live in their mouth. Majority of the bacteria that live on our body and in our body are beneficial to us. Therefore, by using an antibacterial mouthwash we kill good as well as bad ones. BLIS K12™ Fresh Breath Kit will help to restore the balance of bacteria to that found in the mouths of people with healthy breath. BLIS K12 is unique as it promotes and maintains fresh breath, rather than temporarily masking the problem odours. BLIS K12 Fresh Breath Kit is clinically proven to produce long term fresh breath

December 14, 2014 - 12:49pm


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