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Dear Anonymous,
I am writing this to you, to say that I have made 3 attempts to my life!!!! I tried by hanging with a rope, drinking poison, and , cutting my wrist, I didn't know at that time that you was to cut straight up, instead of across. I was 10 at my first two attempts, then when I turned 14, I tried the cutting thing. The reason that I tried all of this was because, I wanted to be with my Mom in heaven. I was 10 when she passed, and I had NO ONE to help me. I had to learn about life at 12!!
And now of this was reported to any one that I am aware of. But as I had gotten older I realized what I was doing to my self and I simply stopped all of this attempts on my life. But don't get this wrong, I still have theses thoughts from time to time, but as of now that's all it is, at this point and time.

January 9, 2018 - 12:02pm


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