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THANK YOU for putting in this article that it is NOT OKAY to call a suicide attempt "selfish". People seem to fail to understand that, generally speaking, suicide attempts have various different thoughts, emotions, and psychological disorders that are factoring into the ideation and actual attempt. Often times, there is some piece of the puzzle revolving around trying to "unburden" loved ones, as they feel that they're potentially a nuisance. There are other reasons, of course, and I can only speak of personal experience and having lived with mostly-passive suicidal ideation for the last seven years without a clinically true attempt, but most attempts are not selfishly motivated.

I personally can't agree with number four, and I don't really like the wording: "Let's face it:...." It's really only known to the client/patient if they truthfully wanted to die, and they are not under oath (in a typical circumstance) to disclose that information truthfully. I don't think that generalizing an entire group of people in such a way is helpful. I understand that it can simply be what's called [as much as I dislike this phrase] "a cry for help", but there are those that did fail, as I am sure those that did succeed that changed their mind. I don't know which source that was pulled from, given the lack of parenthetical citation; however, I am curious as to which source that came from.

September 20, 2016 - 9:39pm


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