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I'm a sociopath and have been for 29 years. I have never ever hurt anyone. I am also a mother and have never and will never harm my child. I have been socially withdrawn my entire life yet been told I'm easy to talk to fun to be around. I learned to fit in as a child, growing up under a mother with a degree in psychology who helped me learn the rules of society whether I have a conscious or not, I abide by the law because it's what society has set in place. I was diagnosed at the age of 6 and have taken steps necessary to adapt and thrive in today's society. I'm not perfect, I've manipulated several situations and people in my younger years and as I matured, adapted to a more suitable role model for my child. Growing up, I struggled a lot with various impulses and acts of spontaneity, but through changing and adapting, watching the people around me, I've managed to live a healthy and positive life. I am ever changing and shall remain that way, but never will I hurt someone. It doesn't benefit me, and quite frankly, the idea of blood and gore doesn't get my rocks off. My abnormal obsession is manipulation, the ability to attain what I want, by using others. Obviously, that sort of behavior is frowned upon, and I try my best to blend in and not stand out, so I avoid abnormal behavior as much as possible, but I still enjoy the thrill of a fun mind game. I was the victim of child sexual and physical abuse and I do believe that series of events played a huge part in my personality disorder, but it doesn't make me a monster. I'm a human like everyone else, I just don't have the emotional capability to connect with other people, but I still have the desire to be normal. I am currently working on becoming a Profiler, to stop the people who actually commit the crimes.

December 8, 2016 - 3:10pm


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