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There are so many articles on the internet of this type, telling you how to identify a psychopath. So I'm going to help you with this one, so you get it right. A lot of times when people have an argument or a disagreement, one of them may say to the other "You're crazy... You're psycho...". Because they're angry or upset. But most people do not know the meaning of that word. "You're schizo!". People are emotional beings and they sometimes exhibit irrational behavior. Getting angry or upset even yelling or throwing things, while childish, may scare others into labeling you. But they're wrong, you are only human. I used to wonder if someone was schizo... But then I was at a friends house and their uncle was schizo and he held a conversation with the fridge and the dishwasher for 6 hours. A real eye opener. Some of the sweetest kindest people in the world can't hold a job, usually because they let themselves be walked all over, or in the case of social anxiety, because they are afraid to talk to people in authority such as bosses. Because they are afraid, they never explain anything, while others constantly complain to the boss. You'd think the boss would be greatful but usually it bosses direct their focus and anger at the one who is not telling on the others, believing it's all their fault. Sociopaths manipulate people, and lie constantly. Psychopaths murder people. Psychopaths usually have a body somewhere, if they are bad. Good psychopaths raised in a good home, by good parents, on the other hand, become excellent public speakers, policemen, fbi agents, and even firemen. Phrases like "psychopathic tendencies" annoy me, b/c people try to put their inexperienced and limited view of the "crazy" arena on normal people who are angry, or having a bad day. I see a lot where a sad individual has written about his or her psychopath boyfriend/girlfriend on the internet. Maybe the truth is that they are not psycho, maybe they just didn't really love you, or maybe they got to know you and decided you are not the person you claim to be. It does not make them a psychopath, and to demonize someone that way is a bit disconcerting I think, especially by liquor bar and church fence psychologists.

September 9, 2015 - 5:52am


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