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As a left handed person I actually do tilt my paper and have had many people comment on it. I'm not sure why writing with a 'hook' hand should be discouraged. I do happen to write with my hand curled around sometimes. I do have to say this article had me wondering if it was written a little Tongue in cheek because some things struck me a kind of ridiculous. I do not require special pens, pencils or markers. I use the same potato peeler, can opener and scissors as any right handed person would use. I have attempted to used a mouse in my left hand and it was like holding a toothbrush with my foot. If I was accustomed to using a mouse with my left hand, I would likely be unable to use anyone else's computer. We left handed people get by just fine. We figure it out and are able to function in society as adults. Don't worry about your left handed child. He/she will be just fine.

March 21, 2015 - 10:24am


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