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Having been a type 2 diabetic for 26 years and also been menopausal for 3 years, I can agree that the two do exaserbate each other and some of the common symptoms of each are very similar, e.g. sweats, muscle spasm and pain, light headedness and mood swings. I know from what my consultant physicians have told me, that diabetes affects every organ in the body causing greater 'wear and tear', hence promoting heart attack and stroke. It also has a huge affect on hormone producing glands (the endocrine system), especially after menopause begins. Through my experiences I would advise all diabetics type 1 or 2, to be regularly screened by their doctors for thyroid problems especially, but also for organ function (liver, kidney, heart, etc) and for hormonal abnormalities of any kind, on at least a 6 monthly basis or even more often when moving through menopause. It is essential for diabetics who are menopausal to keep their glucose levels balanced, as from this time the disease is much more likely to cause deep irreversible problems such as neuropathy. Stay healthy 'Sugar Babes'!

July 7, 2014 - 5:57am


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