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Hello out there. I have this too. It is not from birth control pills. I have never been on them. I had heavy yeast treatments in the past, but that's a whole other story. I have lichen schlerosis, early stages, and most gynos say they could not even tell I have it. But what I have now that has been coming on slowly is the painful vestibuldynia, I can't remember whether its unprovoked or provoked. I have asked my doctors how I could get this, I've never had pain before. I'm 53. Probably started when I was 49...very slowly noticed... I don't really feel it unless having sex. I have tried everything....Pelvic PT...did nothing. topical gabapentin, did nothing. Nortatriptiline (my derm said it's very good for nerve issues so I thought I'd try it) Made me feel horrible, exhausted and constapated. STopped after a week. The only thing that I can do is lidocaine, before sex. Sure takes away the spontinaity though, and you have to plan it all out. wait, at least 15 minutes.... I hate it. A new gyno told me to put lidocaine on the area nightly. She said it would calm the nerves down. I didn't like that suggestion. Lidocaine just is temporary. Next we will try gabapentin. or another RX. I'm not a fan of going on medication. If it's going to give me daily side effects, it's not worth it. Anyway, I was seeing a wonderful specialist in Boston, if anyone is interested. Dr. Rasmussen. She is a specialist in vulvar pain. She helped me a lot but I can not commute there becasue it's very far. I am seeing a more local doctor. I live in CT. Anyway, the pain continues, and I think it's getting worse. IT's really put a damper on my sex life. I hope it's not spreading... ugggg,

June 8, 2014 - 5:30am


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