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I struggled for vulvodynia for years but never thought to link it to my copper IUD. I had the copper IUD inserted in maybe 2005 and had it removed in 2014, and my vulvodynia started around 2009 so I didn't make the link. The vulvodynia never quite went away until after I gave birth this year (2018), I read sometimes that can happen with birth because your muscles get stretched so much. I decided to go back on the copper IUD last month...BIG MISTAKE. The vulvodynia came back immediately. I didn't find the insertion painful, it doesn't really give me more cramping, but I'm getting it removed as soon as possible. I would say: not worth the risk if you're susceptible to vulvodynia. Wish I had been warned by someone (ex: my gynecologist).

December 1, 2018 - 6:55am


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