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Hello there,

I would strongly caution against inserting a copper IUD with a case of vulvodynia. I had mystery pain (burning and frequent urination in my lady bits - hard to pinpoint exactly where) for 5 years that was diagnosed as interstitial cystitis. It seemed to be getting better so I decided to finally give birth control pills a rest and have a copper IUD inserted. It was easily the worst pain of my life and 6 months later when it still persisted, I had the IUD removed. It has now been 2.5 years since then and I still have very intense burning but new sensations of itching and random sharp pain that never really go away. I have been tested for everything under the sun at least twice and finally diagnosed with vulvodynia.

While it seems that my case is rare, I would advise other women with vulvodynia to stay away from IUDs, especially the copper one, which seems to cause more pain. This has made my situation infinitely worse and I am convinced that if I had not had the IUD, my vulvodynia would have not gotten so horribly intense as it is now.

Naturally, the pamphlet that the makes of the IUD puts out will not put information in there to steer potential clients away from it. In order for side effects to make the pamphlet, they have to be "scientifically proven". Any woman suffering from an unusual lady problem knows that there is much information lacking about seemingly mysterious conditions such as vulvodynia. My best advice is to go with something less intrusive when dealing with vulvodynia as the risks are very high. I hate condoms too but really wish I had just stuck with them instead.

Have you thought about the femcap? I intend to try this once I am up for sex again...

April 18, 2013 - 11:09am


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