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Cut off your legs, and you'll never have a broken toe? Right? Your headline is dead on, but your article is misguided.

Read http://norm.org/lost.html to see a full list of the damages caused by circumcision.

This article is misguided. You don't cut off healthy body parts on the off chance that it may prevent some disease that is extremely unlikely to begin with. Especially from a baby who has no say. It is not just a piece of skin. It is 50%+ of the moving skin system of the penis (think of a 3x5 index card's worth in an average adult). This includes most the inner skin, with its densely packed nerve endings responsible the brunt of erotic pleasure DURING the act of making love. Remaining, of course, is the part responsible for CLIMAX (the ridge of the glans), though being unprotected, even this becomes keratinized and desensitized over time.

Circumcision removes that which allows the penis to grow and shrink, and to glide, and to feel natural sexual pleasure. Beyond skin, it removes key glands, nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels. It removes the frenar band, the messnier corpuscles, among the most erotically sensitive parts of the penis. And it removes the penis's natural immune system.

A circumcised penis has to stretch the skin every time it gets hard, which over time, will result in loss of elasticity, sometimes causing "stretch marks" near the circumcision scar or causing shaft skin to become loose and floppy. Premature aging and darkening of the penis over time occurs in the vast majority. There are other problems, such as mine--I have hair all the way up to the scar, and some "future hair follicles" were trapped in the scar after the procedure. By the time I hit 20, surprise! Itchy, pustule-forming, ingrown hairs that had to be excised surgically, right from inside the circumcision scar, leaving more unsightly scarring. So at birth, the doc must have pulled a little too hard before clamping it off. It's just all skin, right? Wrong.

NORM is the National Organization for Restoring Men. If you are considering circumcising your child, read their site first. They have been my support group, and have helped me to find the resources that were needed to undo some, but not very much, of the damage done to me when I was a day old.

February 1, 2013 - 3:34am


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