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Thank you! I wish there was a like button so I could like your comment. Not only is the math off, but to use PP's numbers...ugh!

And just to add some more information about pregnancy and rape, regardless of what 'the experts say', like this Dr. Mariano, I use common sense. If people would just think about what we have been told about the female body, it responds to things going on in our lives; miscarriage due to stress, you are sick or stressed your body doesn't have a menstrual cycle on time. Given those facts, to say that your body doesn't stop ovulating due to the stress of being raped is false and misleading. I know that when I work out or am going through a difficult time, I don't have my period on the same day that month like I usually do...I do think (and this is my own research, not something printed years ago) that if you are raped/assaulted, your body (in most cases, not all) does stop the ovulation cycle for that time, therefore not releasing an egg. The only way that a pregnancy could occur is if you have already ovulated or your body is ovulating that day. Sperm only lives for about 3 days, so if you haven't ovulated and you are treated at the hospital, the chances that you would become pregnant would be even less.

Please women, stop being 'sheeple', listening to your neighbor, best friend or what the so called experts say-do your own homework...and use the common sense that we used to have years ago...

October 17, 2012 - 6:05pm


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