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Thank you Dr. Catherina, It appears this comment board is exclusive to the three of us at the moment. I currently do not have the time to read the two huge pdf files she sent (also the Forbes link was to the main Page? I assume the article you provided is the one she was referring to).

You have definitely made the point has she cites two authors, for two major reports prevalently, that I have doubts as to whether they even cite some of the claims she originally made. One of the two articles I already am skeptical about just because of the fact neither of the articles are journal publications. The BSEM article appears to be on a society website... Who's credibility is certainly in question when they support the wakefield publication, even though they acknowledge, the problems with his publication... They support the link between autism and mmr vaccine, even though it is one of the few things we can claim there is no causal link (to at least to not to any appreciable amount).

I have apologized for my attack on her character, and she accuses me of such again, and therefore refuses a retort other than the dismal one she offered me that appears more along the lines of a misinformed parents rebuttal than a licensed Medical Doctor. Referencing a Forbes article, and providing two publications, that likely haven't even been subjected to peer review, for all of her extraordinary claims is not something I would expect who has gone through the academic difficulties of Medical School, of which I hope I am able to attend... She does appear to have a Medical Degree though, so I will not call that into question.

August 7, 2012 - 8:44am


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