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Dr Rima, you are lazy (just like Dr Jones), not even commenting on *one* link that Braeden posted for you - don't you read science? There is no shame in that, but don't pretend then.
The first link goes to the Forbes magazine home page. What are we supposed to find there? This article maybe? http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevensalzberg/2012/07/23/anti-vaccine-movement-causes-the-worst-whooping-cough-epidemic-in-70-years/ ooo, we agree then?

Young Lucija Tomljenovic is an anti-vaccine activist of the the finest sort, now babbling (thanks Braeden, most appropriate word) about government conspiracies and lobbying for Andrew Wakefield. She is clearly a child of the post-vaccine introduction era, getting all excited about reported vaccine side effects, while ignoring the devastating effects of disease.

Maniotis is an Aids denialist - well, no wonder he denies vaccines, too and quite telling you would consider that drivel about "no epidemic prevented ever" as a valid argument, when it clearly contradicts what we observe.


August 5, 2012 - 12:50am


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