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Well seeing as I have no Internet connection save
For my phone, I won't reply till Tuesday at the earliest. This should still give me time to read over the 59 page babble you likely sent,
And as for the other two web pages I can't seem
To open them on my phone(likely flash; stupid iPhone) so I have no idea what they say.

On a side note, providing me with a link to a web page article on Forbes is not setting your rebuttal off to a
Good start... As anyone can claim anything on a web page, and rarely document sources for things like newspaper articles. This is also
Holds for that 59 page document that isn't even referenced! Which means I have to go out of my way to check all of his stupid claims
No doubt.

Also, claiming there must be a conspiracy for your claims to be factual truly makes you seem incorrect. You can make the same claims for global warming, creationism, doomsday predictions and the moon landing... Doesn't lend you any credibility.

Also that speel about Joseph priestly was
Unessasary considering it is also aPplicable to anti vaccers...

Good day until streams of data fly through t
Home once more.

Braeden cowbrough

August 4, 2012 - 8:01pm


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