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I think you have a few misconceptions about what getting rid the free formula samples would mean for new mothers having hospital births. First, in no way does getting rid of the free samples mean that babies that have a true medical need for formula would be denied it by the hospital. All other mothers would simply need to purchase their own formula and if any women feels that having some backup formula is a good idea then they can buy some before their due date. In your case, I saw nothing in your story that says your husband couldn't have goner to the store and done just that rather then relying on free samples given to you at the hospital. In fact, you could have signed up for free samples via mail since this policy only applies to samplers given at the hospital so you wouldn't have been denied free samples outright if you really wanted them. Finely, I take issue with you trying to compare free formula samples with other free samples given in hospital bags as free formula has been shown to have negative effects on BF rates due to the fragile nature of mom's milk supply in the early weeks whereas the other types of free samples you mention do not have such negative effects. You may claim your immune to the lure of free formula in terms of sabotaging BF'ing but that even if your correct about yourself there have been several studies support the negative influence of free formula on BF duration for the majority of moms.

April 13, 2012 - 10:23am


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