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I am 20 yr old and ever since I could remember I've had spontaneous nosebleeds whether it was because there was too much heat or too cold. There have also been times when I have touched my nose the slightest bit and started bleeding, anyway it seems to be a genetic thing in my family, possibly hemophilia... Do not worry, I have had it for a long time, yet I'm still here. Blood clots coming out through my nose and mouth, like worms. Doctors seem to be shitty at detecting the cause or doing anything about it, I know. My mom tells me she thinks it's great that I get them bc I do suffer from chronic headaches/migraines(unknown cause), and sometimes it seems as though it were my body's way of regulating itself. I do, however, fear a stroke in the future.

August 29, 2017 - 8:24pm


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