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The Vaseline will help if your nosebleeds are caused from dry air, like a heater in the winter time. It may help in other ways too, I'm not sure but I know it does for that purpose specifically because it helps to keep moisture trapped inside your nose. A humidifier works well during the winter to stop nosebleeds before they ever start but if you don't have one and you need something in a pinch, you can either sit in a bathroom with the shower on all the way hot so it's steamy, or simply boiling some water and sitting in the kitchen is sometimes enough of a boost of humidity to stop the dryness. My son used to get nosebleeds when he was young every winter and being a single mom, I couldn't afford a humidifier at the time so I got creative and it worked! :)

November 12, 2016 - 1:44am


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