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I broke my nose when i was 2 and it exposed an atery. I've had it cauterized (probably too many times) and I've had a septoplasty. The surgery was extreme but it worked. No nose bleeds for 2 years. However, just recently I got a sinus infection and my nose has been bleeding a lot. About as bad as they used to be but they stop faster.

Anyway, from 20 years of nose bleeds I've learned that the bleeding actually stops pretty fast. Its the (in my case) GIANT golf ball sized clot up in there that continues to drip that makes it look like you're still bleeding. I've grown to know when to very gently blow it out. Sometimes you need to go through a few clots to get it to stop but don't be affraid to get that thing out of there.

I think the biggest thing regarding handling them is keeping calm. My nose bleeds used to be as if someone cracked the faucet on inside my nose, but only once have did I lose enough blood to think I might need to go to the ER. Low and behold it actually stopped as I was on my way out the door).

Nose bleeds are inconvenient, messy, and freaky. However, keeping calm keeps your heart rate down and that speeds up the stopping of it significantly.

November 10, 2016 - 11:25pm


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