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Thank you, Aimee, for your article. My son was just diagnosed with this.

As an aside, in discussion with my doctor, she said that the topical antibiotics don't seem to be as effective as oral.

My son's spot was behind and inside the curl of his ear, which cleared up well with application of Sudocrem, which I had used as a diaper cream and discovered by chance was good for other things as well, including bee stings, mosquito bites, scrapes and sunburns. I would put this cream on at the onset of redness and it would clear up quickly. Even if the skin turned scaly, it would clear up usually within 12 hours and be completely gone within 24 (two applications a day). Although it didn't address the underlying bacteria and infection it certainly provided relief for the soreness and itchiness.

To prevent the spread, as well, it was suggested that when I do send him back to daycare that I keep the area covered with a bandaid. It also helps keep dirt, sand and other potential contaminants out, and them from scratching at it.

September 21, 2011 - 1:04pm


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