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You do your readers a disservice by talking about creams and oils as topical products to be used on a scar. The very Medline article you reference states that no topical products, other than silicone gel sheets and silicone ointment, works on a scar. So much money is wasted by patients buying hocus pocus creams that promise but don't deliver. If it isn't silicone, don't waste your money. The Medline article also mentions what several clinical studies have demonstrated-- vitamin E does not help scars, no matter what your mother or grandmother tell you. In fact, it can cause irritation that can make a scar even worse.

Another item to mention is that hypertrophic scars are not "swollen" unless they are inflamed or infected. Hypertrophic scars are reddened and raised, formed by an overabundance of collagen production along the line of the incision or injury. Treatment with silicone products after sutures are removed can help to prevent hypertrophic scars, and the more aggressive keloids, from forming.

June 8, 2011 - 7:31am


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