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Hi Anonymous,

Some chemo agents can cause Inner ear injury which may cause Meniere's Disease.
Treatment may include:

Dietary and Lifestyle Changes
These may help limit symptoms:

Bed-rest during acute attacks of vertigo
Avoid foods that are high in salt and high in sugar
Drink adequate fluids
Promptly begin replacing fluids lost to heat or exercise
Avoid caffeine, aspirin, and smoking
Minimize stress
Avoid medications that seem to bring on or worsen symptoms
Consider a hearing aid, if necessary
Consider masking devices (white noise) to limit the effects of tinnitus
Take safety measures to avoid falling
Consider getting exercise therapy to rehabilitate the inner ear
Restrict chocolate consumption
Reduce alcohol intake
Medications include:

Drugs to treat vertigo, such as meclizine or scopolamine
Antiemetics—medications to help control nausea
Other medications that may improve hearing, control inner ear swelling, or limit overall symptoms, including:
Cortisone drugs for a short time
Antidepressants or antianxiety medications
Aminoglycoside therapy (such as streptomycin or gentamicin) to permanently destroy the part of the inner ear that deals with balance
Surgical procedures are not always helpful, and include:

Endolymphatic sac decompression—removal of a portion of inner ear bone and placing a tube in the inner ear to drain excess fluid
Labyrinthectomy—destruction or removal of the entire inner ear, which controls balance and hearing
Vestibular nerve section


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May 5, 2011 - 2:11pm


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