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I love how it is talked about as 'treatable' and 'you don't have to just live with it' and so on. Yet even after 3 surgeries, PT, etc and so on I am still suffering so much. Full pelvic organ prolapse at age 35 with all of the fun things that go along with that. And when I read on many of the prolapse forums, I am seeing the same kinds of stories with other women. So I guess it sure is 'treatable' as long as you don't expect treatment to actually 'fix' the problems if they are severe and not just a dribble here and there. I know I sound negative and that is because I am so absolutely heartbroken from hearing over and over how treatable my issue is and yet my life continues to be ruined by a 'treatable' issue.

November 17, 2011 - 7:39pm


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