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When I went to get my eyes checked (turned 40, don't wear glasses, hadn't done it in years!) When they saw that I had 4 kids, they wanted to immediately sign them up for eye checks. My thought--ka-ching! I'm a cash cow for this group. My daughter then came home with a note from the school nurse to have her eyes checked. I brought her in to a different place and asked the optometrist what he recommended. He said that if there is no family history of eye problems, kids do not need to have their eyes checked. The school nurse will catch it. He compared it to an ear. If it hurts or feels different, get it checked. Insurance pays for these visits, so drs. are taking advantage of this. There was a push to make it a mandate in CT that all kids have their eyes checked by kindergarten. This doctor was among a group who fought against this (and won). It's very costly and unnecessary. He told me my daughter won't need her eyes checked again until she's in her 30s.

April 11, 2011 - 12:00pm


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