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My first migraine episode happened soon after I had my first child. I would get them twice a month and they would be so dibilitating. They would start out with blinding spots in my vision and then the nausea and pain hit. Over the years they have gotten worse. Recently I started having one before work. Luckilya friend of mine drove me because I was having a hard time seeing. What was really scary was he was talking to me but I was not proccessing anything. I was too busy trying to remember all my customers names which was not happening. Then my fingers and face got all tingly. I couldnt feel my arm and tongue for a good five minutes. It was absolutely terrifying. This has been happening at least once a month for the past 4 years. My doctor ended putting me on blood pressure medication which has worked like a dream.

December 21, 2016 - 1:06pm


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