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Reading this makes me want to cry because this is EXACTLY what I'm going through. I'm only 21 and have been having these types of migraines for 8 years. I've had multiple MRIs which have been inconclusive, and any prescriptions I've been given do not work. I just had a migraine today, and although it wasn't severe, I have to drop everything I'm doing (in this case, I was in class and had to go home) and go to bed until it passes. The kaleidoscope vision usually passes within half an hour of taking my meds, but the numbness and pain come later on, which is what I'm dealing with as I type this. The inability speak does not happen every time, but when it does it is extremely scary. Like you said, I am so fed up with this happening and I just want it to stop.

September 25, 2015 - 4:35pm


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