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Hi! It is nice to have found someone who experiences migraines the same way that I do. I too had my first migraine at age 8, after a soccer game on a hot sunny day. I realized over the years that they occur usually when I have been dehydrated, staring into bring lights (like the sun), are overheated, had too much caffeine or alcohol, or not gotten a good night sleep. Stress doesn't help either! I get them like every 2-4 months, and I am 29 now. I start out seeing a small sparkly dot, which after so many years, I know immediately that one is starting. That dot grows and turns into a full blown aura, in which I cannot see well enough to do anything. I get very numb all over, a numbness that "travels", which is the scariest thing ever. I also become confused as you mentioned, thinking words in my head don't sound right and not being able to form sentences (or even thoughts in my head). So you are not alone! But I have been seen many times over the years, and it is just a good ol' migraine. :) Good Luck! (BTW I take a beta blocker every day to prevent them and it seems to make them less frequent)

June 11, 2015 - 9:42am


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