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Hi Kif,
When you were told the results of this scan, did your doctor explain what subserosal fibroids are and how they will impact your health? Did you ask your doctor the questions that you have just asked now...what caused the fibroids to develop and if you can conceive?
Your doctor is the best person to speak with and who will best know if you can conceive. Be confident to ask questions and have explanations repeated until you fully understand. Having information can relieve your fears.
Subserosal fibroids are one type of uterine fibroids, which is a condition that affects at least one in every four women.They usually develop in the outside covering of the uterus. Intramural fibroids develop within the walls of the uterus.
Again, your doctor needs to explain the scan results with you. determine if treatment is necessary and if the fibroids will interfere with fertility. Please talk with your doctor so that you can have peace of mind.

March 29, 2011 - 5:03pm


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