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Anonymous (reply to Helena)

April period was april 12-19. Had unprotected sex april 30, which acc to my ovulation calendar - is my most fertile day. Had no idea and forgot to use condom or contraceptive but

Took ecp 5 days after sex. (I heard ecp works effectively before 5 days of last sex) So it was may 4. I took 4 active pills in the morning and after 12 hours another 4 active pills.

Had next period may 14-21 exactly as i have expected it.
Then expecting period last month of june but nothing came.

Tested pregnancy test once last june 22 but it was negative. Never took tests again i relied to the last test that it was negative. I still didnt have sex since then (april 30)

Until now month of july i'm waiting for my period. Hoping it to come. I have no signs of early pregnancy my body is normal and not experiencing any signs. Took test July 26th and negative again. Again took today July 27 urine in the morning. Negative again. Question is..

Am i pregnant? Or is it because of the ecp i took?

July 27, 2018 - 7:38am


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