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Well Ive taken plan B twice before and had good results with it always getting my peirod on time or a day later. The typical symptoms were pretty apparent the first time I took the pill, (nasua, sore breasts, fatigue) and I had spotting right before my peiord each time which of course freaked me out but my period always came shortly after.
This time I decided to go with the take action Pill because it was the exact same thing just cheaper. I had unprotected sex with my monogamous boyfriend of 6 years. It was a spur of the moment thing where I had just got back from a trip. I looked to my period tracker to see where I was in my cycle and It was the day before my ovulation week so we got in the car and I took the pill probebly not even 2 hours after. I was surprised I did not get any symptoms a week later after takeing the pill. However in the weeks after this incident I went through so much stress at once. Finals week as a senior in college, A best friend's wedding that I was a brides maid in and helping with hair and decorations, my boyfriend was currently moveing to a new apartment on a very tight budget and time frame(the day before my friend's wedding in which he was supposed to be there), His truck that night after moving in got towed out of the apartment complex as labled abandoned for no reason so now we have to deal with police reports, and ill just put etc. to explain the rest. Needless to say I was supposed to start my period according to my app on May 18 but I know I have about 2 flex days. However its been exactly a week according to my app. And I still have not gotten my period. I expirianced tender breasts like I normally do the week before my period, this time they were tender from the middle of last week to yesterday with them being almost completely fine today. Monday I had a sore throat and flu-like symptoms that have finally really started to clear up today. I started cramping Wednesday, and sorry TMI got my usual bout of diahrea that starts before my period. I havent bled or spotted once at all yet after these symptoms and its really not helping me lower my stress levels. I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through something similar yet. I plan on takeing a home pregnancy test Saturday morning if I'm still not bleeding by then. I was also wondering how high stress effect s this medication.

May 24, 2018 - 9:43pm


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