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Hello. Your response would mean a lot. I had sex for the first time last 19th of February. The condom slipped off. I didn't take any action because it was my first time and I didn't know what to do. We did it five days before my period so I also thought it was safe. A week later, (feb 28) I had sex again but no ejaculation inside me. After reading articles on the internet, I took plan b the next morning. Just to be safe. I should have had my period by this time but I was late for one week. I experienced bloating, cramping, fatigue, swollen breats, and breast pain. Fortunately, I had bleeding for four days after a week (March 7-10)

Fast forward to March 28, I still experience cramping, breast pain, bloating and other pregnancy symptoms. Is it possible that these are still effects of the pill? I took 5 pregnancy tests and the results are all negative. I am looking forward to your response! Thank you in ad vance!

March 29, 2017 - 8:48am


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