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Waiting to hear your results. I had Severe Dysplasia in 2001 and had a cone biopsy done. I have never had a normal pap smear since. Recently, I was told I had high-grade pap. Went into the doctor's office and passed out during the Colposcopy/Biopsy do to the severe pain. Now, they are scheduling me to be put to sleep and do it in the OR. Happy about that. The doctor say's some women depending on the cell changes can pass out. The worse the dysplasia is the more sensitive you are in that area. We already know that we are going to have a hystorectomy done after the biopsy. Due to the fact I have become emotionally depressed and just can't do the biopsy's every six months anymore. I am tired. I have never passed out from any biopsy's before. So I am pretty sure the cells have changed again. I already had a tubel in 1994 so I already know that I didn't want anymore kids. But, I'm blessed with 3 wonderful children.

October 17, 2012 - 10:25pm


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