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At june 4 - having unprotected sex (MAYBE, because we just want to try to put his pennis inside me but because its our 1st time we didnt do it successful and that time he can't put his pennis to me, its only outside of my vagina. And my partner said that he never enjaculate outside)
june 4-6 i expected that my period come but it's not.
June 10 - because still don't have a period Iam getting paranoid of being pregnant, so i took ECP.
June 17 - i got bleeding. The flow is not too heavy and too light, its like normal just like when i got my period.
My question are:
1. the bleeding on june 17 it is my real period or a withdrawal bleeding?
2. Its possible that i can be pregnant? Even i got bleeding

Thank you, i hope you answer me. Its so helpful to me.

June 17, 2016 - 1:23pm


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