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Hello, I had sex on 1st May (last day of period) and the condom broke, I took Norlevo the next day and a few days later I got a light period that lasted 2 days (6th May-7th May).
On the 21st May I got sex again. We used the pull out method, he definitely didn't come inside me but I'm afraid of the precm. I decided not to get another morning after pill since I read it's not good to get 2 within 1 cycle.
My cycle mostly varies from 30-31 days, so according to my regular cycle I was supposed to get my period around the end of May (or do I need to start counting from the light period?) It still didn't come which worries me a lot. I already took 2 pregnancy tests last week and one yesterday which both turned out negative.
Since the past 2 days, I do notice pain in my lower abdomen and sore breasts which I normally have a week before my period, I hope this is a good sign! I really hope my period is late because of all the stress I'm dealing with lately and also because of the pill that is messing up my cycle.
Do you think I might be pregnant or it's because of all the stress and the pill?
Thanks in advance!

June 7, 2016 - 7:18pm


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