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i have a 4 year old daughter whos been sleep walking sence she was able to walk ive had scares with it like her getting up to sleep walk at different hours and going into the middle of the road or an intersection of roads we couldnt put anything up to protect her so we got scared alot but then we realized that shed sleep walk out the front door when she didnt feel safe in the apartments we lived in. she still sleep walks and because we still live in an apartment but we now live around her aunt and uncle so they can help. sence weve moved to this new apartment shes only slept walked outside once and weve been here sence she was 3 years old. lately shes only slept walked to my bedroom to sleep with me hopefully in the next 5 years well be able to have a house then i can make it alot safer but for now theres not alot we can do and apartments wont let you do any alterations for something like this which i believe is stupid.

July 22, 2010 - 2:53am


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