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I have been dealing with Merkel Cell and with over 300 others for quite some time now. I have also traveled to Seattle, WA to meet with the head researcher on MCC and attended MCC workshops in MD. Some of your information is a little out dated ie....age, which gender is more affected.....PET scans are the best diagnostic tool we have for detection.....Mohs is not really considered the best approach for most Merkel Cell removal. Many physicians are not familar with MCC due to its rarity and this cancer is like the "new kid on the block"......much needs to be done in the way of detection, treatment and follow up care. Also, Merkel Cell has finally be given it's own ICD 9 coding.....some Merkel Cell Carcinomas are also treated as "Small Cell Lung Cancer".....it is considered an neuroendocrine cancer - thus the treatment utilized is similar to that of Small Cell Lung Cancer. That is how I was treated. It is rare, it can be deadly, it is extremely aggressive, but there are many success stories as more information and findings are published and the public along with health care professionals are properly informed.

If you have been diagnosed with Merkel Cell, please feel free to post since, there is so much to share in the way of information and also support.

Best wishes,

April 1, 2010 - 5:27am


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