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What you are describing here also sounds like PMDS (Pre-Mullerian Duct Syndrome). As someone who was born natally (to outward appearances) male, I have struggled with accepting that I could have a rare condition like this, but the evidence in my case is so overwhelming that a local intersex group welcomed me open arms into their group.
It was enough of a struggle for me to admit I was transsexual. To find out in my mid-40s that my gender issues were because I was actually possibly a pseudohermaphrodite came as something of a shock. It shouldn't have.
Even though I fathered two girls, I have always had the sense that something was wrong down there. Smaller penis, high and tight scrotal sack, which I later found out was due to a significantly smaller retractile testicle that travels painfully through something the size and shape of a uterus on the left side (I had no idea that normal length is a scant 3 inches) and when I started taking estrogen on a cyclic level, the pressure of that cavity building up coinciding roughly with those cycles--about 4 days every two and a half weeks.
It's funny, but I realize now that I have had a sensation of cramping in that same spot since I was an adolescent, discovering, intuitively, that masturbation relaxed my suffering. That was something I forgot.
Coincident with the very real possibility and in probable connection to it and my rare type of cryptorchidism, I was sent to a specialist in another state at 9 years old for surgery for a distended bladder, a problem that I have found is more common in girls and I have a small prostate, minimum normal male length, left gonad size and testosterone production.
The procedures for cryptorchid children at birth includes the removal any endometrial tissue that is found. Because of that, and the fact that everything appears normal, I believe the condition is considered rarer than it should be because it goes undetected or is treated at birth.
-- Sophie Hawes

February 1, 2011 - 12:31am


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