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I am assuming that in addition to the weight issue, you also are dealing with hypothyroidism, fibromayalgia, and lymphodema, since you mentioned them in your question?

That's a lot to deal with, Blu. Are you in treatment for all these conditions? Are you on multiple medications? Do any of them contribute to your weight problem?

I'm so very sorry that you've put back 80 pounds, but you know what? That means you're still 100 pounds down from where you were. That's amazing to me. And the rest can be reversed if you can figure out why you are eating this way.

Are you happy in your life? Are you under a lot of stress for any reason? Were you an emotional eater before the surgery?

You mention that you are hoping to find others who could help you learn to live productively. What does that mean exactly, Blu? What is your life like now? What would you like to change?

March 9, 2010 - 9:14am


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